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The following audio and video recordings come from various organisations, websites and channels. Please subscribe to and share my own channel (from the icon on the top-right of this page).

I  was the featured poet at The Ledbury Festival’s Poetry Salon, chaired by Chloe Garner on Tuesday 10 May 2016 in The Master’s House in Ledbury.
I read a new poem, ‘Daughters of Islam’s Disappeared’ at a special event to mark the 65th anniversary of the expulsion of Jew from Arab lands and Iran.
Local residents and asylum seekers speak and read in their own languages at the nd of a session of writing classes at The Fitzrovia Community Centre London where I’m the poet-in-residence.
Part#1 In March 2021 I recorded two Zoom conversations with the poet Ruth Padel where we discussed her poetry, academic work, family links to the Freuds and Darwins and her thoughts on everything from Ancient Greece to modern migrancy.
Part#3 of my Zoom interview with Ruth Padel
Young Russians read poems from After Semyon Izrailevich Lipkin
Reading with Sean O’Brien at Taking the Temperature at the JW3 Centre in London, chaired by Maureen Kendler.
2nd Yehuda Amichai Festival in Galway on Thursday July 4th 2019. Chaired by Kevin Higgins. Readers Róisín Tierney, Morag Anderson, Katherine Noone and others and organised by Over the Edge Ireland.
2nd Yehuda Amichai Festival at Cambridge‘s Faculty Of English on Tuesday 13th November 2018. Chaired by Dr. Menna Aboukhadra, Guests of Honour Hana and David Amichai. Readers Erez Bitton and Yvonne Green.
2nd Yehuda Amichai Festival at London’s Free Word Centre on Monday 12th November 2018. Chaired by Hazel Scotland-Williamson. Guests of Honour Carol Hughes, Hana and David Amichai and Valentina Polukhina. Readers Eva Hoffman, Pascale Petit, Eve Grubin, Aviva Deutch, Erez Bitton, Yvonne Green, Hana Amichai, David Amichai
Reading four poems,  ‘That I May Know You’, ‘We Speak English Now’, ‘Jews’, and ‘Avsonia’, as an accompaniment to Mapping Faith: Theologies of Migration and Community which was published in June 2020
Two young men from Boukhara in Uzbekistan read the poem Boukharian Boys from my volume The Assay from Smith|Doorstop
Part#2 of my Zoom interview with Ruth Padel
Part#4 of my Zoom interview with Ruth Padel
More readings at Taking the Temperature.
2nd Yehuda Amichai Festival in Idbury on Wednesday 14th November 2018. Chaired by Neil Philip. Guests Of Honour Hana and David Amichai. Readers Erez Bitton, Yvonne Green, Neil Philip. 
2nd Yehuda Amichai Festival at Oxford’s Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies on Thursday 15th November. Chaired by Dr. Adriana X. Jacobs. Guest of Honour Hana Amichai. Readers Christopher Reid, Erez Bitton, Yvonne Green