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Commissioning Body or Individual:  Jewish Women's Aid

Year:  2008

About the Commisioner(s):  Jewish Women's Aid is the only specialist organisation in the UK supporting Jewish women and children affected by domestic abuse & sexual violence. Jewish Women's Aid (JWA) was founded to support the thousands of Jewish women who, each year, will face physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or economic abuse from within their own close family. We now also support Jewish women affected by sexual violence.


‘And for Years After’ for Jewish Woman’s Aid

For Jewish Woman’s Aid and Baroness Scotland of Asthal’s End Domestic Violence Global Foundation, I wrote a suite of poems entitled ‘And for Years After’ which appeared as a section of my 2010 volume The Assay.

And for Years After

You’re free and loved

You’ll recognise the victim

Who says I cause it

My problem is

Or whose children

Show the fear

She thinks she’s hiding.

And for years after

When you’re free

Giving love not lip-service

You’ll know your worth

Your heart and how to prove hope

To the victim. You’ll whisper

As you hold her you’re safe now

Your hands can mould your future

If you take them away from your face.