St John's Church, Idbury

Commissioning Body or Individual:  Idbury Church

Year:  2007

About the Commisioner(s):  Emma Bradford and Neil Philips commissioned the poem for a reading they gave at Idbury Church on Mothering Sunday 2007.


‘Mother Me Always’ for St. Nicholas Church, Idbury, 2007

‘Mother Me Always’ was commissioned for the Mother’s Day Celebration, St Nicholas Church, Idbury, Oxfordshire, Sunday 18th March 2007.

Mother Me Always

A memory full of senses,

Your smell your flesh against my cheek,

Your glance which checks my action

Your voice I overhear as you deal with others

More lightly than you deal with me.

Mother me always serious, funny, overwrought,

Fumbling, certain, prescient, frustrating.

Mother me always with your wisdom

Expectation and demands, with being

With your having been.