Yvonne Green reads The Farhud

Commissioning Body or Individual:  HARIF

Year:  2016

About the Commisioner(s):  The Worldwide Iraqi Jewish Community

Website:  http://harif.org/

The Farhud, 2016

I was commissioned to write and perform the following poem by HARIF. I read in London, Jerusalem (at Israel’s Parliament, Knesset) and for Sydney’s Sephardi community. You can read an account of the Australian reading from here

The Farhud (a Kurdish term for violent dispossession) was a pogrom carried out against Iraqi Jews on the 1st and 2nd of June 1941.

Below is an extract from the poem The Farhud Watch the full video of me reading this at the Harif page on Facebook.

Thanks also to World Jewish Congress, Stand with Us, Lauderdale Road Synagogue and the Dangoor Foundation.

Download this specially typeset pamphlet of The Farhud poem and it’s original notes from The Assay, reproduced with kind permission from Smith|Doorstop Books.