Jam & Jerusalem

Jam & Jerusalem (2018)

Published by:   Smith|Doorstop

ISBN:   978-1-910367-95-7

Publication date:   June 8, 2016

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Yvonne Green’s latest collection extends the urgent and compelling territory of her earlier, award-winning books. Politically engaged, many of the poems consider the human cost of war, while others deal equally intensely with ideas and with both domestic city landscapes. A final section furthers the translations she began in 2011 with her PBS Recommended title, After Semyon Izrailevich Lipkin.

A poet of extraordinary breadth and depth.Molly Peacock, President emerita of the Poetry Society of America

Yvonne Green’s poems evidence a life well lived.Frank Auerbach

These poems draw you in, gently but firmly, with telling detail and great emotional power. You share what Yvonne Green observes – very beautifully – about day to day experience; … reflect with her on the contribution poetry can make to understanding (perhaps even resolving) the world’s problems ... – Alan Brownjohn