Taking Up Space Anthology

Taking Up Space

The Poetry Leeds Festival Prize Longlist Anthology

Published by:   Poetry Leeds


Publication date:   August 8, 2022

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Taking up space can be daunting. To feel that you belong in a space, in every room you’re in, doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and for a lot of us, we’ve been pushed out of those spaces and we need to fight to feel heard and seen, to recognise that we have a right to exist.

There’s also that idea of physical space – of being stuck, confined, or claustrophobic. I think, especially after the past couple of years, we all know how it feels to be physically confined to a space, to feel that the walls are closing in. Think about how you relate to your physical space, to your body, the rooms around you. Then there’s the concept of mental space, of being overwhelmed or of feeling particularly empty. 

Or, literally, space – the galaxy, the universe, the black void all around us.